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Established in 2020, with the team has accumulated more than ten years of experience in event planning and production.

Dumbo Studio provide customers with the best quality one-stop event planning and coordination, organize conferences and exhibitions, dinners, parties, weddings, venue installations, stage lighting and sound, etc. Whether online or offline, we hope that every event participant can feel the characteristics of Dumbo: unique, fantasy, unique, and unforgettable experiences and feelings.

We sincerely invite you to let us soar in the sky with your audience and enjoy every event.


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Outdoor/ On-Site Decoration

Provide reliable outdoor or indoor venue decoration, such as outdoor Pop-up events, shopping mall festival decorations, etc. to create a different sensory experience for the participants. One-stop design, production, selection of suitable locations and coordination with the venue to meet your needs and create the best event experience in your mind.


Staging & Technical Support

Our team has a professionally qualified on the production and engineering to realize different conceptual ideas and planning, to realize the creativity. We will provide comprehensive support from stage design, venue design, lighting, sound and technical monitoring and management systems. To create an entire performance on stage perfectly.


Equipment Rental

Regardless of live broadcast, event shooting, etc., we provide equipment rental, technical support and a professional shooting team to record every precious moment for you. In addition, we have a rental service of activity equipment to match your different activities, such as LED screens, stereos, steps, etc. Welcome to quote with us.

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Event Planning & Production

Provide comprehensive Event Planning and Management Service, which are handling planning, design, execution, production, on-site management and ad-hoc tasks. The team has provided event planning services for large and small brands in Hong Kong, to create an ideal event marketing. 


Exhibition & Conference

With a lot of exhibition hosting and management experience in large-scale events, we could provide planning conferences and exhibition solutions, whether it is professional business seminars, leisure meetings, exhibition booth design and production, ordering of custom souvenir, and facilities rental and other services. Let the professional create a comprehensive business experience.


Annual Dinner, Party & Wedding

Anniversary banquets, celebrations, wedding and parties are a time to share the achievements of the past and to show the corporate image. Personal banquets are also meaningful for different stages of life. We would create the most unique and different parties for you. All arranged from the stage, venue design, lighting, sound, and even live performances, guest-hosting, etc. We focused on all the details and make each participant feel distinctive.

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